The 9 Digital Marketing Skills in High Demand In Kenya

Digital skills in demand

Approximately Kshs. 13 trillion will go to fueling digital marketing around the world this year, which is by far more than what companies plan to shell out on print and TV advertising combined. In light of that, professional e-marketers will continue to be in high demand for the foreseeable future.

Digital marketing in and of itself is evolving at a breakneck pace. And only digital marketers who are equipped with the right tools and skills will stay competitive.

Do you want to become a digital marketing guru? Here are 10 hot online marketing skills that you need to hone to stand out above the fold in Kenya.

#1. Search Engine Optimization Expertise

Digital marketing is all about boosting visibility, bolstering brand awareness, increasing web traffic and reputation management. The end game here is to inspire action, whether that’s a purchase, subscription, readership, etc.

Search is where all the action happens. In fact, it’s estimated that more than 90 percent of all activities online start with a search. It doesn’t matter if you offer law services, sell t-shirts or run a personal finance blog, your website visitors will most likely begin their journey from a search engine, which is most often Google.

That’s why marketers who know how to optimize websites, content and landing pages for higher search ranking are in high demand right now. SEO is also evolving, with algorithm changes released by Google almost every day.

Brands and businesses want someone who is well conversant with these changes and other SEO best practices. If you master search engine optimization, you’ll become irresistible to clients and employers alike.

#2. Mobile Marketing

In the last few years, the biggest portion of marketing dollars has gone to mobile marketing. This is a skill that is usually ignored by many marketers. But it can land you the next big gig or employment.

Mobile users are a little different from desktop users. They want sites that are optimized for small screen browsing. They demand beautiful visuals and fast-loading content. That’s why if you’re adept at mobile marketing, you will definitely stay ahead of the pack.

#3. Email Marketing Skills

You’d be forgiven if thought the days of email marketing are long gone. Email is very much alive. To be exact, 85 percent of adult online users check their emails every day.

However, many emails go unread these days. Even worse, some emails are flagged as spam by inbox aggregators. It is the job of an email marketer to ensure that the right message gets in front of the target audience.

Email marketing is an art and science, all wrapped in one. So, if you want to up your digital marketing game, learn the art of email marketing.

#4. Social Media Marketing Specialist

Close to 80 percent of businesses now acquire their customers via social media platforms. They are important for communication, engagement and brand building too. There’s always a huge demand for social media managers and marketers.

Put your best foot forward by learning the ropes of social media marketing. Because Facebook and Instagram marketing takes the cake, make sure to master the psychology of winning attention on these sites.

#5. Content Marketing Skills

Online users consume more content than ever. It’s the duty of content marketers to create, tailor and position content in front of the right readers. Content marketing skills like copywriting, visualization, blogging, content management, and so forth are all the rage.

#6. Market Analytics Skills

Nearly every aspect of digital marketing ties back to analytics. Creating a good marketing strategy means that you have to run target audience analytics. You also have to monitor, process and analyze data to see how your campaigns are performing.

Overall, analytics is the king skill in the world of online marketing.

#7. UI/UX Design Expertise

Creating a pleasant user experience (UX) is the cornerstone of nearly every digital marketing campaign. You blog, website, mobile apps, and other digital assets should user-friendly. That’s why UX design is a skill that has become the go-to for most digital businesses.

#8. PPC Manager

Small and big brands are always looking to break into new niches and markets using pay per click ads. Ultimately, they will settle for someone with PPC management skills. This is a marketer who knows how to create, track and manage PPC campaigns to ensure optimal results.

#9. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a broad discipline that includes deep learning, machine learning, natural processing language. However, AI is a skill that is gaining traction when it comes to market data analytics, annotation, and processing. With an AI skill, you can predict market changes and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to targeting your buyer personas.

These are just but 9 trendy digital marketing skills that you need to acquire today. It may be difficult to learn them all, but blending at least three can help propel your career as a digital marketer to the next level.

Take a digital marketing course today and move ahead of your peers.

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