Digital Marketing Course | Digital Marketing Training in Kenya

Become a certified digital marketing professional in Kenya

In this ongoing course, our experts will teach you the most important ropes of online marketing — from strategy to web analytics and every marketing tactic in between. Our course will equip you with the right tools, essential digital skills, and specialist knowledge. That’s everything you need to set yourself up for success online.

This course is for:

  • Business owners who are struggling to get started in the digital world
  • Website owners who want to boost sales, improve traffic & build awareness
  • Professionals looking to take their digital marketing careers to the next level
  • Graduates who want to make a plunge into the digital marketing arena

What you will learn in this course:

  • Social media marketing
  • The art of content marketing
  • How to do keyword research
  • Staying on top of web analytics for marketing
  • Pay per click and online advertising
  • How to craft a solid digital marketing strategy
  • The science of email marketing

Entry Requirements

  • No experience required, but relevant work experience can be a big plus
  • Suitable for all graduates, business/website owners, and professionals

Syllabus Description

This is a digital marketing course and digital marketing training program, all rolled into one. This comprehensive course was developed and tailored based on constant evolution and modern trends in the digital marketing space.

Our course is designed to downright practical and hands-on to provide you with the key expertise you need to make it in the online marketing industry. While you can set your own pace, it’s crucial that you complete all 9 modules to get certified.

Why Enroll?

Join the Most Comprehensive Digital Marketing Course in Kenya: With modules chunked down into easy-to-follow topics, practices, and steps, this is one of the most complete online marketing courses available in Kenya.

We’ll explore Web Analytics, Social Media Marketing, PPC & Online Advertising, SEO Marketing, Content Marketing, Keyword Research, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy, and Much More.

9 Modules in 1:

Our digital marketing training in Kenya covers at least 9 major digital marketing topics, with rigorous assignments, practical checklists, and practice projects.

This course will ensure that you are updated on everything you need to succeed online.

Hands-On Learning:

Online marketing is best learned by doing. Our course is highly interactive and practical, with checklists, projects and actionable sessions incorporated into each module. Learn bit by bit how to market a brand in the digital space with real results.

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