Content Marketing 101: Writing Copy that Delights and Converts

Content Marketing

Content, as they say, is king. But great content starts with an exceptional copy.

One of the biggest challenges content marketers face is crafting high-quality copy that’s not only engaging but can also get the message across. That’s where top-notch copywriting skills come in handy.

In this short post, we are going to give you simple tips on how to produce a copy that excites the reader, conveys the message, and inspires action.

Ensure Content is Unique and Original

The chances are fairly good that you are writing on a subject or topic that has been written about repeatedly. There’s nothing wrong about that.

To truly capture the attention of the reader, however, ensure to put a unique spin to your content. It should sound and feel fresh. But, more importantly, make sure it is original from the first word.

Don’t be Too Salesy

Tech-savvy readers can sniff out a sales pitch in your copy from a mile away. Instead of using a salesy tone, be genuine and keep your content relevant to the reader. Give them meaningful advice, tips, hacks, and other nuggets of information that your audience will find useful.

It All Starts with Research

Round up your in-house content team and brainstorm topic ideas.

Once you have pinpointed your subject matter, do thorough research. Read industry topical insights, journals, social media feed, high-authority blogs, and other credible sources.

In short, arm yourself with meaningful data and insights before you jot the fine line of your copy. Regular research means you’ll deliver content that’s always trendy and relevant.

Know your Readers

Your content has a unique audience, and it pays to know them. What are their needs, pain-points, interests, dislikes, and so on?

When you know your typical reader, it is easy to tailor the content, tone, and style of your copy.

Find your Unique Voice

When it comes to copywriting, it is crucial to have a unique voice or style. It is what makes your content stand out. Oftentimes that means that you have to write like you talk. It’s the easiest way to establish your unique voice and make it recognizable.

Stick to a Few Topics

As a rule of thumb, write one topic per copy. Today’s online users have more distractions than ever before. Your content will be fighting for their attention with memes, cat videos, and whatnot.

Write a Captivating Headline

Most readers share articles without reading the actual text, which underlines the importance of an attention-grabbing headline. Break out your big guns and craft a share-worthy headline.

By writing a copy that delights and cpativates your audience, you will be driving your business’s content marketing strategy in the right direction.


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