Email Marketing for Beginners: 8 Easy Tips for Writing Impressive Email Content

Writing Emails

Despite what naysayers keep saying, email marketing is very much alive. 91% of consumers read emails almost every day. McKinsey & Company insights has confirmed that email is a better sales tool than social media, while another study says email-acquired customers spend 138% more.

However you look at it, email marketing is a simple, practical and cost-effective way to turn more leads to sales, boost engagement and increase revenue. However, if not written correctly, email copy can do more harm than good.

In this article, we are going to cover 8 proven tips on how to whip up an email copy that actually inspires action, whether a click, reply or purchase.

#1 Make Use of Sensory Words (Especially in the Subject/Titles)

If you want to create a compelling email marketing campaign, it’s crucial that you use sensory words in your email copy. These are words or phrases that tap into the five human faculties (smell, sight, taste, sound, and touch). By ingraining this thought and sense-evoking words into your emails, you are certain to create a reaction in the brain of your reader and help them paint a clear mental picture.

#2. Come up with an eye-catching subject line

The subject line is perhaps your only chance to make a compelling first impression. Make sure it’s thought-provoking, concise, and eye-catching to capture the attention of the reader right from the outset. It’ll determine if the reader will open the email, skip it, delete it or, even worse, report it as spam.

#3. Write a Compelling Preview Text

If you use email clients like Google, Yahoo or Outlook, the chances are that you have noticed that it’s not just the subject line that gives you a glimpse into the content of an email. There’s also a 75-character preview text. That’s where you need to bring your A-game.

#4. Avoid any Elements that Shout — Exclamation Marks, ALL CAPS, etc

If your subject line tend to shout (ie includes all caps text or lots of exclamation marks), there’s a good chance it’ll not get read. Even worse, the email client might mistake it as a spam. That’s a lost chance to reach your audience and inspire action.

#5. Take Advantage of Sound Bites

If you want to create a lasting impression on a reader, include sound bites in your email copy. These are small blocks of text in your email copy that leverage poetic elements like repetition and rhyme. They not only sound great, but they also tend to stick in the reader’s mind.

#6. Segment your Readers

Before you write an email copy, you need to understand your target audience. Email list segmentation allows you to tailor your email copy to different categories of your target audience.

#7. Keep It Sweet and Relevant

The text should be easy to read and understand. But, more crucially, your email copy needs to convey a relevant message to the reader. How will the email benefit the reader?

#8. Include an Explicit CTA or Offer

If you want the readers to make a purchase or click, entice them with an irresistible offer, be it a discount, gift, freebie or an ebook.

There you have it — 8 ways to bang out an action-inspiring copy for your email marketing campaigns. With these handy tips, you can take your email copy to the next level.

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