6 Ways to Grow Your Online Business in Kenya

The internet is beautiful. For business owners, the prospect client is a click away. Online business in Kenya is now on the trend.

It’s a thriving industry, and more offline businesses are moving online.

Previously many businesses existed on brick and mortar. Currently, a company can start and operate purely online. There is also the category, which is brick and mortar, but with an online presence.

Hence if currently toying with a business idea, then online can be your first store. And later open a store where you can have walk-ins.

Why Join the Bandwagon of Online Business in Kenya


The notion of 24/7 availability, clients can make orders for delivery at the time of their convenience.

Secondly, with an online business, even when closed prospect clients still get information on the product or service. Hence one can make an inquiry or also place an order at any time of the day.

Generating leads is key to business. An increase in lead reflects an increase in revenue. With an online presence, leads is one of the advantages.

Excellent customer support

The internet allows videos, a product specification sheet, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). The information is for clients with inquiries.

Remember, clients, look for specific information before purchase. Hence an online presence you will provide better service.

With the business having an online presence, clients will always have the information they are looking for. As an owner, the customer support service is taken care of online.

Low Startup Cost

In Kenya, the cost and time of setting brick and mortar are high. There is the rent if leasing, different licenses to allow operation, and some extra on more upgrades. Not forgetting the initial capital for the product or service.

With online, you can kick start the business even from your home. With specific channels and a website and Mpesa, you can start selling.

The social media pages are free to create. For a website, the cost of setting up one is less than renting out a premise. Hence can start online as you transition to the offline premise.

Work from Anywhere

With a business online, the owner can make sales and answer all relevant questions at any place. The interaction is via the internet. Hence no physical presence needed.

In Kenya, having a business online means not stuck in a physical location. You may even move to a town to enjoy low-cost living as you carry on the company.

It’s good to note that some services provision that requires a specific location to perform the work.

Reduce operation Cost

In business, a single task can make all the difference. For example, receiving orders online and prepping them for delivery. The number of people needed for customer assistance is less hence expenses are reduced.

Another benefit with online business is brand awareness. Running ads for the products and services eliminates the need for a salesperson.

With online, it is easy to offer pre-emptive customer services, for example, answering client’s questions via FAQ. And as said, time is money and as the owner, you able to save a few minutes.

Increased Target Market

For mortar and brick, there is a limitation of numbers who visit you. The business can only leverage clients within the location.

But with a website or social media page, you can have a number visiting the business at the same time hence able to hit the target market with ease. This prospects turn into customers thus an increase in sales.

Below are the guidelines on how to grow your business online.

Invest in Yourself

The marketing of the business will be through the internet. To understand the jargon and be able to have a return on investment, then a digital marketing course will be viable.

Investing in yourself as the business owner will be the prominent way to boost your business.

A digital marketing course will help you understand which channels will suit your brand and Learn how to create awareness of the brand and leads.

With the digital marketing course, you will learn how to develop key performance indicators that are able to make measurements of the strategies used.

Hiring an SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimization increases the visibility of the website. The ranking is among the top on Google.

But with SEO, the algorithms keep changing. And for results, the techniques need to be executed correctly.

An expert in SEO is up to date and knowledgeable. He or she can determine the target market and guide the marketing strategy.

With such information, the budget set for digital marketing will be minimal. The business does not try different marketing strategies. The strategies employed are ones meant to bring in results.

Build a Website

Your business website should be speedy to improve visitors experience.

The design and layout of the website have to be having good visuals. The functional experience has to be great for all visiting the site.

Quality Content

The content has to be engaging and providing information. Avoid fluff in the content. It may confuse the readers or search engine bots for optimization.

Remember, optimization is key to the success of a website.

The information has to be in a way it keeps the readers connected. It has to be factual to be associated with a legitimate business.

Mobile-Friendly Website

More than half of the people browsing the internet are doing it from their smartphones or tablets. Hence the website can have a mobile variant or responsive.

As a mobile-friendly website, the navigation has to be easy. The elements such as tap buttons have to be large hence easy to touch or click.

Integrate Social Media

Social media is free. It requires little effort to leverage potential clients.

As a business targeting growth, have social sharing buttons. The content shared through the social channels has to be centered around the industry or niche and meaningful.

Social media does well with graphics and videos. Plain text may not receive massive engagements as compared to graphics which engages users more.

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