5 Digital Marketing Skills to Master for 2020 & Beyond

Trends in the marketing mix in the year 2019 consist of social media, email, content, and SEO. Digital marketing is the description of all the above. Hence digital marketing skills are an absolute essential.

Digital marketing is a lucrative industry. The money spent in the industry is increasing every year.

The skills are in high demand from the business of all sizes. As an entrepreneur, digital skills will make all the difference. Or as an individual, you get to be a valuable employee.

With the industry being vast, how do you set yourself apart? How are you able to compete?

Below are the five skills that you need to master to create a niche in marketing skills.

Video Marketing

Videos are loved. They hold the customer’s attention more. Research shows that a customer is likely to purchase a product after seeing a detailed video.

The engagement with a client can be for more than two minutes. In the digital world, it is a win.  

Statistics are decisive when it comes to video marketing. There is much higher conversion, engagement, and SEO ranking.

The main reason video is more engaging is because they are personal. Customers are more likely to trust the brand.

Hence if planning to create a niche in digital marketing, then video editing is a skill one needs. One can start by learning how to create quick intro videos.

The skill can pretty be self-taught. For more knowledge, one can try editing tools i.e., Adobe Premiere Pro.

Digital Psychology

With the help of analytics, marketers focus more on what users are doing. But the reason why they are doing it is usually ignored.

Digital psychology combines psychology and behavior economics. It helps in the examination of online behavior.

Some of the digital psychology tactics currently in use are;

  • Price anchoring by Amazon. Amazon establishes a price point that customers refer to when deciding on a purchase. The final sale price is usually higher than the retail price of other competitors
  • Urgency and social proof by Booking.com. In the hotel industry, there is extensive use of digital psychology.

With social proof, customer reviews and testimonials carry the day. The booking of a hotel from a prospective customer will be by the guidance of a customer who left a review.

For urgency, digital marketing focus on the fear of missing out. Secondly, there is a set date with an offer of a bonus as an incentive.

  • Need to complete. Mostly in checking out forms. The psychology reason behind this is, as humans, we don’t like to leave things incomplete.

There is the satisfaction of completing a task, even if there is no further reward.

Being able to understand and make a conclusion in digital psychology is an essential digital skill.

Customer Experience

The market has a variety of products and services. Most are the same, but as a business owner, there is a need for being a step ahead of the competition.

Hence need to shift the mindset. As a business owner, the focus is not on selling products but on selling experience.

Customer experience will make a client move to the competitor. Hence there is a need for more investment.

Customer experience has to be consistent, delightful, and frictionless as much as possible.

It should be a holistic approach. It has to cover every area of the business from the ad, sales representative, ordering, and delivery of product or service.

On top, there is a need of hyper-personalization. It is a combination of behavioral data and real-time data. It guides the micro-moments of a client.

Hyper-personalization leads to customer loyalty, repeat purchase, positive social proof, and referral by word of mouth.

Hence the skill is vital for the digital marketing niche.

Digital analytics

It is the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from the business and competition. The data helps in the improvement of the online experience of consumers and potential consumers.

The data will translate to the desired outcome of the business, both online and offline. It helps in making more effective decisions.

Analytics helps you make more data-driven decisions. It gives predictions on when and where the prospective clients might appear in the buying journey.

It identifies effective digital touchpoints, the customer acquisition cost in different channels of advertising, and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

With analytics, it is more than just reading the data. As a digital marketer, you should know correctly which data to use to improve business strategy in the future.

With this skill, you become a valuable asset in the industry.

Front-end Codes

In digital marketing, coding skills are valuable. They can make you more effective in your role.

The basic front-end code is excellent for changes on landing pages built with a builder. One also understands better how tracking codes work.

Basics HTML and CSS will make you hone your tech skills. The tech skills help you to;

  • Stand out in the job market.
  • Get results and be more productive on the job.
  • Work more quickly and independently.
  • Communicate better with the tech team.


To be a better digital marketer, the skills will set you for 2020 and beyond. The skills will make you have the ability to adapt quickly and learn on your own.

With the skills you are able to make a change in different digital marketing specialists. Remember, you will be able to work with diverse teams and clients.

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