6 Tips to Help You Take Your Branding Game to the Next Level

How to do online branding

It’s no big secret the world of digital marketing and branding is changing fast. Old brand strategies become outdated at high speed as new and more robust ones emerge. That’s why savvy brand and marketing managers are always sprinting to keep up.

At Mukuria Digital Agency, we offer top-notch logo and branding services to help build strong brands that can create long-lasting relationships with consumers. If you are looking to up your branding game, we can help.

But, wouldn’t be nice if there were easy ways to gain trust and build brand loyalty? While there’s no silver bullet to it, these five business tricks will help you ace your branding and marketing.

First Things First: Why Is Strong Branding Crucial?

  • It enables marketers and brand managers to create unique values, identity, and awareness for their businesses.
  • It makes your business stand out in a sea of competition
  • A strong brand quite memorable/ recognizable – you want your brand to be the “product”. A good example is Sellotape.
  • It positions your company as an authority in the niche or industry leader
  • It builds customer loyalty, engagement, and brand affiliation
  • It paints your business as reliable and dependable
  • It grows profits and adds value to your business’ bottom line

6 Secrets to Hassle-Free Branding

#1. Let the Logo do the Talking

Logo and branding go hand in hand. A good logo can boost your brand. On the other hand, a recognizable brand can make a logo stand out. You must use a professionally designed and rendered logo that’s unique. It should also tell your brand story.

#2. Generate High-Quality Content

Strong social media and content marketing is paramount to your brand strategy. It helps you boost brand visibility and credibility as well as brand awareness. That’s why it pays to generate top-notch content that is relevant to the personality of your brand. Don’t go for a topic that jumps out of your niche.

#3. Evoke Memories

A recent study showed that today’s tech-savvy customers (read: Millennial) prefer experiences over savings or even benefits. That is why you need to remind them of great physical experiences. Take advantage of retargeting strategies to influence customers online and in the store. Gear your branding tactics towards showing the emotions and the experience of using your service or product.

#4. Leverage SEO

When it comes to digital marketing and branding, SEO is the name of the game. You need to optimize your content, web copy, and even emails using the latest SEO best practice. An excellent digital or SEO agency can come in handy.

Start off by ensuring that all the SEO basics are put in place. And that isn’t all; you should have SEO metrics in place to ensure that your hard work is visible and responsive. You should also optimize for social video as well as digital assistants like Siri.

#5. Be a person or business, not both

Branding is about building a persona. Establish yourself as a person or a company – never both.

#6. Leverage Employee Advocacy

Using your employees as your social media mouthpiece can do wonders for your branding and brand visibility. In fact, 84% of customers trust recommendations from employees or friends.

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