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Digital Marketing Skills

5 Digital Marketing Skills to Master for 2020 & Beyond

Trends in the marketing mix in the year 2019 consist of social media, email, content, and SEO. Digital marketing is the description of all the above. Hence digital marketing skills are an absolute essential. Digital marketing is a lucrative industry. The money spent in the industry is increasing every year. The skills are in high […]
Online Business

6 Ways to Grow Your Online Business in Kenya

The internet is beautiful. For business owners, the prospect client is a click away. Online business in Kenya is now on the trend. It’s a thriving industry, and more offline businesses are moving online. Previously many businesses existed on brick and mortar. Currently, a company can start and operate purely online. There is also the […]
Online marketing in kenya

Why you should enroll in a digital marketing course in Kenya

With the growth of social networks, people are getting hooked to devices. From mobile devices, desktops, or laptops. The lure is keeping in touch — no intention of missing anything. The Internet is hard to ignore.  And marketing has evolved with the trend. Remember, a good marketing campaign has to interact with the right people […]
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